Crossing the water

This is a cross-curricular topic in conjunction with the Geography department. Students will use drama to explore the focus question: ‘What forces might drive someone to move away from their home to live in a new and strange land?’.


By the end of this unit it is expected that all students will be able to: define the drama element mood; create a poster which shows imagination; play the role of the central characters and give advice; list features of an imaginary new land; perform in an improvisation in response to the focus question and discuss their own part in the performance.

Most students will be able to: take part in hotseating in order to empathise with the main characters; use characterisation techniques in order to emphasise role switching; use rituals in an imaginative and creative way; create a new character which is visiting a new land for the first time.

Some learners will have progressed further and will be able to: create a still image to show engagement with stimulus text and focus question; create a character which demonstrates empathy with the main character’s situation; demonstrate an understanding of the focus question by using thought tracking; discuss the main character’s situation with reference to the world we live in.

Key Assessments

This unit is assessed through a poster advertising a new land, performances which demonstrate an understanding of the emotional reactions to moving to a new land and class discussions on the motivations of the characters in group performances.

How to help your child

Parents could encourage their child to research emigration both on the internet and in reference books. Parents could then question their child about examples of emigration that they have discovered.