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This scheme of work sees students gaining an understanding of the skills required to take a written performance and bring it to life on the stage. The students will be reflecting on their own work and that of others and will have potential for some students to write their own scripts for performance.


By the end of this unit it is expected that all students will be able to: present roles and characters from different perspectives and in different situations, using variations in voice, movement and gestures.

Most students will be able to: Consider the use of mood, time frames, language and proxemics to express ideas in performance.

Some learners will have progressed further and will be able to: evaluate how a writer has used the elements and medium of drama in their writing; justify their choice of interpretation of a character or scene with reference to the text; evaluate the choices other groups make and relate their decisions back to the text; use the elements and mediums of drama to interpret a script for performance.

Key Assessments

At the end of this unit the final performances will be filmed; they will then be assessed by the teacher. Students will also have an opportunity to self assess their performance and peer assess the performances of others.

How to help your child

It would be helpful if parents could help students reflect on their practical work in lessons by asking students to discuss the activities carried out in lessons. It would also be helpful if parents could encourage students to take risks with their class work, experimenting with various interpretations of the characters and scenes.