The Diary of Anne Frank

In this unit students will explore the theme of persecution and prejudice, using the diary of Anne Frank as their stimulus. The scheme combines extract from the diary with opportunities for students to also devise their own responses.


By the end of this unit it is expected that all students will be able to: discuss the main features of persecution and the emotional impact it may have. Students will also  demonstrate that they can remain in character for the duration of an activity/performance and contribute their thoughts to a class discussion about the effectiveness of their peers performances.

Most students will: use the elements of voice and movement to make their character believable; make appropriate decisions about the status and relationship between their character and those created by others; remain in role and respond sensitively to stimuli presented to them.

Some learners will have progressed further and will be able to: discuss their own work and that of others in relation to historical events; contribute towards the group’s understanding of the theme by adding researched ideas and information in to their performances; reflect on the activities and the decisions  they have made about characters and the theme based on voice, movement, facial expressions and gesture.

Key Assessments

This unit is assessed by verbal teacher, self and peer assessments.

How to help your child

It would be helpful if parents could encourage their child to reflect on their emerging understanding of the theme of persecution and the life of Anne Frank. Students may find it helpful to research Anne Frank’s life and read extracts from her diary, which is available in the College’s Library. Students could also be asked what others did in response to the activities and how effective they were.