Year 11 IGCSE English Language Introduction

Exam Board: CIE (Cambridge International Examinations)

Course: 100% exam (No controlled assessment or coursework)

1 x Reading Exam = 40%

1 x Writing Exam = 40%

1 x Speaking & Listening Exam = 20%

Year 10

Throughout year 10 students will be exposed to a variety of literature both fiction and non fiction with a focus on the skills examined in the IGCSE Reading Exam:

  • Reading for meaning (including inference)
  • Language analysis
  • Summarising

Students will also develop their writing skills with a particular focus on persuasive, imaginative and descriptive writing.  Where possible writing tasks will be linked to real life contexts including public competitions and forums.  Writing tasks will encourage students to develop in the following areas:

  • Ambitious Vocabulary
  • Strong openings and endings
  • Structure and paragraphing
  • Linguistic devices
  • Accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Appropriate to audience, context and format

Finally students will develop their speaking and listening skills through a variety of tasks including: individual speeches, Q&A sessions, debates, group discussions and role pla

Year 11

In year 11 students will refine their skills in reading, writing and speaking and listening in preparation for the final exams.

Students will explore past exam papers and mark schemes in order to apply their skills to the exam requirements.

Students will sit the exams as follows:

April - Speaking and Listening exam.  Conducted by the class teacher on an individual basis.  Student will deliver a 5 minute speech on a topic of their choosing.  The speech will be followed with a discussion.  Students must be prepared to answer questions on the broad area of their topic for approximately 10 minutes.  In order to obtain the top marks students must be able to engage in a conversation (including asking questions) rather than just being asked a series of questions.


Reading Paper 2hrs – 3 extended questions on each of the 3 area of skills: Comprehension, language analysis and summarising.

Writing paper – 2hrs – 2 extended questions.

Question 1 asks students to write a response to a given text. The task will require a persuasive style piece of writing.  E.g. students are given a magazine article arguing the 2012 Olympics were a waste of money and must write a letter in response either agreeing or disagreeing with the article.

Question 2.  Students choose 1 question from 4 and write a response.  Two questions will ask for an imaginative piece of writing e.g. Write a story which begins “One minute she was there the next she was gone…” and two questions will ask for a descriptive piece of writing e.g. Write about a place with a powerful atmosphere.  Students may choose the one question which suits them best.


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