Year 7 – Autobiographical Writing – It’s All About Me!

Autumn Term One -
The exact date of the assessment is dependent on the individual student’s timetable; however, this will be circa the week commencing Monday 19th October 2015.

What is the assessment task?
Write an autobiographical account of a childhood memory.

How will the task be assessed?
Assessment Foci: Writing AF1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7.  Please click on the link below for details of each assessment focus.

Autobiographical Writing

What students can do to prepare:
Master key-word spellings and their meaning: Autobiography, Anecdote, Memory, Connective, Reflect, Introduction, Conclusion, Synonym, Remember, Incident.

Practise using discourse markers as connectives to organise their writing.  Have a go at constructing sentences using the following:  to begin with, firstly, subsequently, consequently, nonetheless, most of all, in contrast, despite, obviously, to conclude.

Explore using creative vocabulary, including synonyms for  unimaginative words.  Come up with three synonyms (words which have the same or a very similar meaning) or short phrases which could replace the underlined word in the following sentences:
1.  The girl was tall.
2.  He was happy.
3.  The bird looked sad.
4.  It was good.
5.  She was nice.


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