Year 7 – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J K Rowling

Autumn Term Two -
The exact date of the assessment is dependent on the individual student’s timetable; however, this will be circa the week commencing Monday 14th December 2015.

What is the assessment task?
Students respond to a series of questions to assess their comprehension skills. The assessment focuses on Chapter 12 of the novel: ‘The Mirror of Erised.’

How will the task be assessed?
Assessment Foci: Reading AF1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 and Writing 5 & 7. Please click on the below for details of each assessment focus.

Harry Potter

What students can do to prepare:
Master key-word spellings and their meaning: Foreshadowing, Accent, Dialect, Tension, Characternym, Affect, Effect, Prediction, Description, Author, Phonetics, Tone, Mood, Persuasion, Narrative, Literary Technique.

Practise analysing specific words and the effect that they have on a reader: Have a go at exploring what the following underlined words might suggest about the characters they refer to - ‘she shivered‘, ‘ he muttered‘ and ’ they continued to melt into the background.’

Consider why authors choose certain words over others: Select the most suitable word out of the following to complete the sentences.  Justify your decision:
1.  The water began to drift / seep / creep over the sides of the glass.
2.  The stars sparkled in the whiteness / blackness / blueness.
3.  The terrifying face startled / puzzled / confused me.



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