Year 7 – Poetry

Please note: There will be changes to this scheme for 2015-2016. Watch this space!

Spring Term Two -
The exact date of the assessment is dependent on the individual student’s timetable; however, this will be circa the week commencing Monday 23rd March 2015.

What is the assessment task?
Students create a poetry anthology demonstrating knowledge of a range of poetic forms and devices.

How will the task be assessed?
Assessment Foci: Writing 1, 2 ,5, 6 & 7. Please click on the below for details of each assessment focus.


What students can do to prepare:
Master key spellings and their meanings: Stanza, Syllable, Cinquain, Euphonic, Cacophonic, Plosive, Sibilance, Fricative, Anthology, Mnemonic, Onomatopoeia, Assonance, Consonance, Alliteration, Haiku, Personification, Metaphor, Simile, Figurative language, Rhythm, Rhyme, Limerick, Structure, Meter.

Seek out some classic and contemporary poets: Go to for a great collection of classic and contemporary poetry. Some of the department’s favourites are Sylvia Plath, John Agard, Walt Whitman, U A Fanthorpe and Emily Dickinson.

Write a poem in response to another poem: Have a go at mirroring another poet’s style.  Try and identify the poetic techniques they use such as metaphor, simile and personification.  Also, look out for different rhyme schemes and rhythms, such as the sonnet form and haiku – can you summarise their features and apply them to your own poetry?

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