Year 7 – Reading Visual Language (Graphic Novels)

Please note: There will be changes to this scheme for 2015-2016. Watch this space!

Summer Term One
The exact date of the assessment is dependent on the individual student’s timetable; however, this will be circa the week commencing Monday 18th May 2015.

What is the assessment task?
Students respond to a series of questions to assess their reading of visual language skills. The assessment focuses on ‘The Arrival’ by Shaun Tan.

How will the task be assessed?
Assessment Foci: Reading 1, 2, 3, 6 & 7. Please click on the below for details of each assessment focus.


What students can do to prepare:
Master key spellings and their meanings: illustration, convey, language, theme, image, protagonist, juxtaposition, emotion, dialogue, convention, symbol, progression, tone, connotation, denotation, scale, perspective, scale, prediction, evaluate, interpret and summarise.

Read around the subject: Part of your assessment will consider how we can explore the different ways in which the writer has created meaning and connect texts and cross-reference ideas where appropriate. Take a look at a great starting place to delve in to a range of useful websites, blogs and online resources exploring graphic novels and comics.

Explore more graphic novels: Seek out the work of Oliver Jeffers, David Almond and further work by Shaun Tan. You might also find some exciting versions of Charlie Higson and Anthony Horowitz’s novels which you might already be familiar with. Choose a double page spread and identify the denotations (what you can see on the page) and the connotations (what is suggested); try to put into words the relationship between the two: how do the denotations shape the connotations.

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