Curriculum: Summer Term Two

Please note: The below information relates to academic year 2014-2015; there will be changes in 2015-2016 to reflect the new KS3 assessment process.  Watch this space!

In the week commencing 1st June, all KS3 students will be sitting formal summer exams in the core subjects. The exams will take place during timetabled lessons. English exams will assess students’ reading and writing skills.

To help students revise, please find attached a revision guide and a document with a selection of fiction and non-fiction extracts; these have been shared with students during lessons and have also been uploaded onto Edmodo.

KS3 English Exam revision guide

Text Extracts 1

After the exam period, students will resume their studies which, this term, focus on media / film.  There will be no formal assessment; however, students will work towards the common objectives below:

Year 7:  Modern Media
Students analyse the same subject matter in a variety of different writing forms and platforms (For example, a newspaper article and a public blog).

Unit Foci: Reading AFs 2, 4 & 6 / Writing 6 & 8

Year 8:  Animation
Students identify 3 specific and detailed examples from ‘Enchanted’ which demonstrate how typical Disney stereotypes have been subverted.

Unit Foci: Reading 2 & 3 / Writing 4, 6 & 8

Year 9:  The Horror Genre
Students create a movie trailer / excerpt for a new horror movie demonstrating their understanding of how fear and tension is created on screen in existing trailers / film extracts. The trailer should be accompanied by a spoken word presentation highlighting the links between the two.

Unit Foci: Speaking & Listening 1 / Reading 2, 3, 4 & 6


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