Year 7

Year 7 students follow the Métro 1 course in French. They complete two modules each term, as shown below. There is a common assessment at the end of each module. Please use the drop down menus along the navigation bar to find out more about each unit.

Autumn Term
Module 1
Unit 1 – Saying your name and greeting someone

Unit 2 – Asking what something is/saying what you have or haven’t got
Unit 3 – The French alphabet and how to spell your name
Unit 4 – Saying how old you are and asking someone their age
Unit 5 – Saying when your birthday is
Unit 6 – Saying and asking what colour something is
Module 2
Unit 1 – Saying where you live and what nationality you are

Unit 2 -Talking about brothers and sisters
Unit 3 – Talking about pets
Unit 4 – Talking about what you look like
Unit 5 – Saying how tall you are and what you are like

Spring Term
Module 3
Unit 1 – Talking about school subjects

Unit 2 – Telling the time
Unit 3 – Talking about your timetable
Unit 4 – Talking about your day at school
Unit 5 – Talking about what you wear
Module 4
Unit 1 – Talking about sports and saying what you do and don’t like

Unit 2 – Saying what sports you do in your free time
Unit 3 – Talking about other free time activities
Unit 4 – Talking about what you do at the weekend
Unit 5 – Talking about the weather

Summer Term
Module 5
Unit 1 – Telling someone where you live
Unit 2 – Talking about someone else’s home
Unit  3 – Describing the rooms in your house and saying where they are
Unit 4 – Saying what you usually/deciding what you are going to do in the evening
Unit 5 – Talking about what you have in your room
Module 6
Unit 1 – Talking about where you are going to spend your holidays

Unit 2 – Saying what you are going to do during the holidays
Unit 3 – Asking where places are in town and giving directions
Unit 4 – Buying a souvenir
Unit 5 – Reading a menu and buying a snack