Year 7

Students study the following topics in Year 7. 

Raging Rivers / Ferocious Flooding

These units investigate rivers and flooding. Students follow a river from source to mouth and explore some of the landforms they pass along the way. They also learn about why rivers flood, focusing on floods in Tewkesbury in 2007.

There are two key assessments for this unit. Both are written in the classroom under exam conditions. 

Map Skills

Students develop their mapwork skills using atlases and OS maps. They focus on using map symbols and compasses, 4- and 6-figure grid references, height on maps and scale. This prepares them for an orienteering challenge later in the year.

Sustainable Settlements

Students will learn about how settlements have evolved over time. They will consider the features of a sustainable settlement and design their own ecohouse.

There is an end of unit test for this unit. This is completed in the classroom under exam conditions. 

Wicked Wednesdays

There are a number of geography topics in the Wicked Wednesdays curriculum:

  • a visit to the Amey Cespa Recycling facility to learn about how we deal with waste in Cambridgeshire
  • an orienteering challenge at Wandlebury Country Park
  • a morning considering the question ‘Why did Rio sue Fox?, incorporating elements of citizenship and media studies





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