This unit focuses on natural processes and landforms at the coast. 


By the end of this unit we expect that students will:

  • understand the processes of marine erosion
  • understand how sub-aerial processes attack coastal cliffs
  • understand how headlands and bays are formed
  • understand how coastal processes can cause a headland to change over time
  • understand the process of longshore drift
  • understand how coastal deposition landforms are created
  • be able to solve the mystery ‘Why does Harlech Castle stand almost 1km from the water’s edge?’


The unit includes two formally assessed tasks – one about coastal erosion processes and the landforms that they create, and one about longshore drift and deposition and the landforms that they create.

How to help your child

Study a map of the coast (your child can download any OS map of the UK for free using details available from their Geography teacher) and ask your child to point out coastal features such as headlands and bays and explain how they formed.

Encourage your child to use the Quizlet games to practice key vocabulary.

Encourage your child to watch these videos to recap the information that they have covered in lessons:






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