Our changing climate


This unit focuses on climate change, Students learn about natural and human causes of our changing climate. They develop their empathy skills by considering the impact of climate change on people living in low-lying countries. They write a letter from a climate change refugee to the government of the country that the person wants to move to.


By the end of this unit we expect that students will:

  • understand how to draw and interpret graphs showing world temperatures and predicted sea-level changes.
  • understand anthropogenic and non-anthropogenic causes of climate change.
  • understand some of the possible consequences of climate change.
  • empathise with the challenges facing climate change refugees.
  • have developed persuasive writing techniques.
There is one formal assessment for this unit. Students will be tested on their understanding of the natural and human causes of climate change. They will need to justify their opinion about whether the natural or human causes are more significant.
Students will also be tested on their ability to recall and explain the effects of climate change on low lying areas and on the people that live in them.

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