Year 7

Year 7 students begin their study of German in the Spring Term, following the Logo 1 course. There is a common assessment at the end of each module. Please use the drop down menus along the navigation bar to find out more about each unit.

Spring Term
Logo 1 Chapter 1
Unit 1 -Say hello and goodbye; ask and give names; count to twelve
Unit 2 – Name some countries; talk about where you live
Unit 3 – Say  the German alphabet; spell out words
Unit 4 -Talk about what you have got in your school bag: say what colour things
Unit 5 – Grammar: genders and accusative case
Unit 6 – Understand what your teacher says; count to 31; name the days of the week
Unit 7 – Talk about dates; say how old you are
Logo 1 Chapter 2
Unit 1 – Talk about your timetable and school subjects
Unit 2 – Give opinions about school subjects
Unit 3 – Grammar:  word order ;  personal pronouns; regular verb conjugation present tense
Unit 4 – Count to 60; ask and give the time

Summer Term
Logo 1 Chapter 2 (continued)
Unit 5 – Ask for help in the German classroom; talk to your teacher
Unit 6 – Talk about what you eat and drink at break
Unit 7 – Grammar; conjugation of some irregular verbs present tense , including to have and to be
Unit 8- Talk about what you wear to school
Unit 9 – Grammar; revision and consolidation accusative case
Logo 1 Chapter 3
Unit 1- Talk about brothers and sisters
Unit 2 – Grammar: question words and how to form questions
Unit 3 – Talk about pets and which ones you like/dislike with extended vocabulary on characteristics