Bilingual Students

Bilingual students of French and German

Students are assessed in Year 7 and should work towards taking a GCSE in their bilingual language in Year 9. Students may use the Resource Centre as a base for study under these conditions:

1 They are listed on records held by the Resource Centre Manager.
2 Their level of bilingualism allows them to study completely independently without
a) The need for academic supervision.
b) The need for behavioural supervision.
3 They should register with their language tutor at the start of their bilingual lesson and return books and work completed at the end of each lesson.
4 They should attend a regular tutorial with their bilingual tutor where work can be set and reviewed.
5 Students should follow the KS4 course, completing reading and writing tasks. Speaking tasks should be treated as writing tasks. Bilinguals often have weaknesses in writing, which need to be addressed with intensive writing practice.
6 Some listening tasks will be available on the school’s local network and via the internet.
7 Students should divide their time in each 50-minute lesson equally between tasks from the KS4 coursebook and other optional tasks, unless otherwise directed. These include
a) Reading a number of pages from a reader or novel in the target language and writing a summary of each section in the target language. A review in the target language can be written at the end of the book.
b) Working on an available computer, possibly with another bilingual student, in order to access websites for grammar practice.
c) Reading the language magazines the Resource Centre subscribes to and completing accompanying workbooks in an exercise book. Students should not write on workbooks.
d) Completing grammar work set by their language tutor. Please work in exercise books and not on materials given unless instructed.
e) Watching films, where possible, and writing summaries and reviews.
f) Completing projects involving research in the target language.
eg: Write 250-300 words about the French revolution.
Make a 10-page project on a region of Germany of your choice.


(students should research using Wikipedia in their bilingual language, not English)