Our Department

We are an innovative, forward thinking and like-minded department whose common goal is to bring history “alive” to all learners. We hope that through the study of the past our students will have a greater understanding of today’s world and its challenges.
The study of history provides students with the opportunity to not only acquire subject knowledge but to further their written and verbal skills of communication. This includes the analysis of various historical sources; and we encourage an analytical and critical approach.

The following teachers work within the History Department in 2014-2015:

Mrs Abrahams – (Head of History) – cabrahams@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk  
Mrs Cornick –  lcornick@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk
Miss Evans – revans@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk
Mrs Andrewsaandrews@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk
Mr O’Haganro’hagan@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk

If you have any questions about your child’s progress in history, please contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance. 


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