Where was the best place to life in medieval England?

This unit explores the range and diversity of living experiences in medieval England. Students will investigate the living conditions, housing and working environments of the period. The development of towns will also be explored and the origins of trade guilds will be discussed. The unit links to the following unit as it introduces the concepts of control in the lives of the working people. The unit will allow pupils to investigate real medieval characters with some investigation based on the records of medieval Yalding.


Most children will be able to describe a variety of medieval living / working experiences and use some topic specific vocabulary

Some children will not have made so much progress and will be able to recall some information about the topic  and distinguish some features of rural and town life

Some children will have progressed further and will be able to explain the changes in living and working conditions which resulted from the development of towns. They may make supported comparisons between the medieval and modern worlds.


Guild, mayor, craftsman, apprentice, Town Charter, disease, manor, market, town, village, shire, 3 field system, strip farming, fallow, tithe, custumal, heriot, mortuary

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