Common Assessments

Students complete at least one common assessment every term. Common assessments are completed by all students in the year group, irrespective of which group they are taught in. Some of the common assessments are completed in class and some are completed as homework. Each assessed piece of work is completed in the pupils assessment book, not their class notebook, and formative feedback is provided to help each pupil make progress. 

Useful web links for each topic can be found on the relevant year group pages. These are not comprehensive but have been carefully selected to be both easily accessible and useful. If you have any particular concerns please do contact the class teacher or email 

The common assessments for KS3 History in 2013-14 are outlined below:

Year 7
Common In-Class Assessments:
Autumn Term: Baseline Assessment
Spring Term: Black Death Source Analysis
Summer Term: Voyages of Discovery
Common Homework Assigments:
Autumn Term: Medieval Town Guide
Spring Term: Who was the greatest Renaissance character?
Summer Term: Clash of Cultures 

Year 8
Common In-Class Assessments:
Autumn Term: Religious divisions analytical timeline

Spring Term: Great Exhibition Invention Challenge
Summer Term: British Empire Oral Assessment
Common Homework Assignments:
Autumn Term: National portrait symbolic image assessment
Spring Term:  What was the most significant event in the growth of Britain between 1500 and 1922?
Summer Term:  Why did war break out in 1914?

Year 9
Common In-Class Assessments:

Autumn Term: Arab-Israeli War Source Analysis
Spring Term:  What was the most important factor in Hitler’s rise to power?
Summer Term: Votes for Women Assessment
Common Homework Assignments:
Autumn Term: Who deserves the title of the greatest hero/villain throughout history?
Spring Term: Holocaust Book Review
Summer Term: Create a public information film



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