The Transatlantic Slave Trade

By studying this unit students will understand the causes and impact of slavery and the move to abolition & emancipation. They will learn to interpret sources so that they can show their knowledge and understanding of the impact of slavery.


By the end of this unit it is expected that all students will: make simple explanations about the causes of slavery; show some knowledge and understanding through interpretation of sources and data.

Most students will: understand the causes of slavery and its impact; begin to make a judgement regarding the causes and consequences of slavery; show knowledge and understanding through the accurate interpretation of sources and data.

Some learners will have progressed further and will: make judgements and evaluate the most important causes and critically examine and assess the wider implications of slavery; show detailed understanding of the wider issues and effects of slavery through critical analysis of sources and data; communicate knowledge and understanding using accurate structured work that links the events and context.

Key Assessments

The formal assessment for this unit is a one lesson assessed task in which students have to use sources of evidence to help them answer questions about interpretation.

Extended homework assignments

Students will be asked to complete a piece of work based on a significant black individual in history. This task can be presented in any form e.g. an essay, an oral presentation, a wall display or a website.

How to help your child

Parents may wish to discuss what they know about the topic. Parents could also guide students towards some useful websites and allow students to investigate them. It is also very useful if parents engage their children in a dialogue about what they have been covering in school as such discussions help to reinforce learning and develop the students’ ability to form explanations and justifications. A visit to the Slave museum in Liverpool or London Docklands would be beneficial to students and would help them get a good overview of the concept of Slavery.


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