Year 8

Latin in Year 8 is taught as an extra-curricular class. There are approximately 2 lessons for each topic. In 2013-14, students will have studied Latin for the first time in Year 7.

Pupils will use the Cambridge Latin Course, Book 1 and 2 and 3. The website is very useful for supporting revision and the completion of tasks set in class.

Autumn Term

Revision of cases and tenses met so far (CLC Book 1)
Introduction to Roman Britain/ volo, nolo and possum / Infinitives (CLC Book 2)
Romanization / Agreement of adjectives
British tribal kingdoms/ Relative clauses
Fishbourne Roman Palace /Pluperfect tense

Spring Term

Introduction to Roman Egypt and Alexandria

Social unrest in Roman Alexandria

Religious practices in Roman Alexandria

Medicine in the Ancient World

Genitive case

Adjectival agreement

Imperatives, hic and ille

Present participles

Summer Term

Introduction to Roman Bath (CLC Book 3)

Curse tablets and Divination

Travel and communication in the Ancient World

Perfect passive participles

Perfect active participles (aka deponents)

Neuter nouns

Introduction to the subjunctive: Causal clauses

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