Pompeii Trip: Easter 2013

There will be a trip to Pompeii for all Year 8, 9 and 10 pupils studying Latin.

Details about the trip will be posted soon.


Well done to Clive, 9.4 for his outstanding essay on fighting in the Ancient World. His work was commended in the National Classics Essay Competition.  The examiner noted that Clive’s essay was “highly enjoyable to read”. Fantastic work, Clive!

Nox erat. erat luna plena in caelo, omnes dormiebant – SUBITO ..sonitus magnus, quid erat? turba erat in via! turba pueallarum puerorumque!

Thus we arrived in Sorrento at dead of night, our cases rumbling eerily on the cobbled streets – 30 students and four intrepid staff. Despite our midnight arrival we were up bright and early to explore the ancient city of Pompeii – death, destruction, corpses, ruins, phallic signs, ice-cream and sunshine – certainly worth getting up for! Most of these features were a constant throughout our stay – except the sunshine. On our trip to Capri the rain was unrelentingly torrential all day. There may have been severe flooding throughout Italy but that did not stop us trudging, squelching and sopping to the top of Tiberius’s villa – and then on down to the Arco Naturale (“We’d better take a picture for Dr Hutchinson”). No sunshine – but surprisingly sunny spirits from a seriously sodden group. On our last day the weather was kinder for our tramp to the top of Vesuvius and an exploration of Herculaneum – smaller, quieter, more intimate and slightly more ghostly than the more touristy Pompeii!

The success of the trip was largely because of Mrs Pointon’s unflappable organisational skills – and the infectious good humour of the pupils. EUGE!!

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