The Romans in Britain

What were the Romans doing in Britain?

Book 2 Stage 13 introduces Gaius Salvius Liberalis, a Roman judge whose job it is to check up that the Britons are doing things the way the Romans want them. But his troubles with the Britons are just as matched by his problems at home with his wife and slaves.We will learn about villa life and farming in the Romano-British world and ask whether Gaius Salvius Liberalis really deserves his name.

Adjectival agreement and imperatives.

All pupils will be able to explain about that adjectives agree with nouns. Most will be able to demonstrate how they agree. Some will be able to predict how adjectives and nouns agree.

All pupils will be able to identify an imperative. Most will translate it appropriately. A few will be able to explain the formation of the imperative part of the verb.


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