King Cogidubnus

Stage 15. Salvius and Quintus witness an extraordinary ceremony at Cogidubnus’ palace in Fishbourne. Cogidunbus watches a boat race between two of the leading British chieftains, and one of them comes to a soggy end.

Relative Clauses. Imperfect of Possum.

All pupils will be able to describe who Cogidubnus was and why he was allowed to retain power in Briton under the Romans. They will be able to give a brief description of the palace of Fishbourne. Most pupils will be able to explain why Cogidubnus was allocated the palace and what he was expected to do in return for the Romans. Some will be able to describe the ‘chain of command’ between Cogidubnus and the Roman emperors.

All pupils will be able to idntify a relative clause and translate it satisfactorily. Most will be able to explain about the agreement of the relative adjective with the antecedent. Some will be able to predict the formation of the relative adjective.

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