Fishbourne Palace

Stage 16. The two British chieftains continue to squabble and Cogidubnus gets caught up in the melee. he is an old man now and he needs to think about who will take over his tribe when he is no more. He confides in Quintus, who goes on to tell him about how he escaped from Pompeii.

Pluperfect tense.

All pupils will know the story of how Quintus escaped from Pompeii. Most will be able to explain why it is important for Cogidubnus to sort out who will take over the tribe after his death. Some will be able to suggest reasons why he has not done so at this stage.

All pupils will be able increasingly to translate the different sorts of tenses appropriately (present, imperfect, perfect, pluperfect). Most pupils will be able to identify the person of the verb with reasonable accuracy. Some will be able to change the person / tense ending to make a new meaning.

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