Year 10 GCSE Exams Revision Area

The GCSE Latin exam consists of 3 parts: Language (papers 1 and 2), Literature (paper 3) and Roman Sources (paper 4).

There are no commercially available revision materials, but the Cambridge Latin Course has resources which you will find useful. In particular, there is a vocabulary tester (designed for the WJEC exam, but almost exactly the same as the OCR exam), and self-directed questions / answers on the set texts Regulus and the Witches of Thessaly. Links to these sites are given below.


The GCSE requires you to answer English questions in English on a Latin passage (comprehension), and translate Latin into English.

Vocabulary tester can be found at

Comparison of Adjectives and adverbs: Year 10 revision sheets comparison of adjectives and adverbs

Adjectives and adverbs: Year 10 revision sheets adjectives

Regular verbs (Active): Year 10 revision sheets regular verbs active

Regular verbs (Passive): Year 10 revision sheets regular verbs passive

Irregular verbs: Year 10 irregular verbs

Nouns: Year 10 revision sheets nouns

Pronouns: pronouns

hic and ille: Demonstrative adjectives

Direct Commands and prohibitions: Direct Commands and Prohibtions

Indirect Commands: Indirect Commands

Direct Question: Direct questions

Indirect Question: Indirect questions

Indirect Statement (reported speech)

Purpose Clauses – ut + subjunctive: Purpose Clauses

Result Clauses: signpost word + ut + subjunctive

Ablative Absolute: Ablative Absolutes

Conditionals (si / nisi – if / unless)

Verbs of fearing (timeo + ne)

cum + subjunctive = since or when

Time Clauses: ubi (when), postquam (after), simulac / simulatque (as soon as )



Witches of Thessaly

Roman Sources


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