Fantasy and Science Fiction

Love Fantasy and Science Fiction ? Try these authors…

1. Lloyd Alexander                          12. Rhiannon Lassiter

2. David Almond                             13. Cliff McNish

3. Trudi Canavan                            14. Jan Mark

4. Eoin Colfer                                  15. Garth Nix  

5. Susan Cooper                             16. Christopher Paolini

6. Brian Jacques                             17. Michelle Paver

7. Robin Jarvis                                18. Terry Pratchett

8. Diana Wynne Jones                   19. Philip Pullman

9. Philip Reeve                                20. J.R.R Tolkien

10. Melvin Burgess                          21. Stephen Cole

11. Robert Swindells                      22. Robert Westall

 Fantasy and Science Fiction


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