Special Events and News


Here you can find information about special events, news and opportunities including….

On a Tuesday after school there is a book club for students to join. It is a great opportunity to meet up with friends, make new friends whilst reading and discussing those books you have always wanted to read.

As we have been collecting multiple copies of books for our book club in school we are now pleased to be able to offer these books as sets to be loaned by families. We have a large selection of titles available now and if you are interested please contact me by email hellison@chesterton.camb.sch.uk . You might like to try sharing these books at home together for pleasure or maybe to spark discussion or debate.

On a Wednesday after school there is an opportunity for students who feel they are not as confident with their reading as they would like to be. They are welcome to come to the library and have some personal help and enjoy some shared reading to improve confidence and skill with reading. In addition book club readers also have the opportunity to use eBooks.

From 3.15 pm until 4.15 pm on a Thursday there is an open invitation for parents to visit the library with their child to choose and share books together. Library staff are available to discuss individual questions and assist parents who might be interested in providing greater support for their child with reading at home.

During the first part of the summer term keen readers in years 8, 9 and 10 have the opportunity to shadow the CILIP Carnegie Medal.

This year we have introduced a small stationery shop to the library. Students can buy essential stationery equipment which they need for school. This is a non-profit making and prices are very competitive. It is available for students to make purchases throughout the school day.

We have activities and fun in the library to celebrate World Book Day. It always proves to be a lovely day, students and staff are invited to dress up as book or film characters. We have quizzes, craft activities and usually have a film showing in the library at lunchtime. As part of our celebrations we also took part in Readathon. It is a charity which aims to improve lives of children through sponsored reading. We had a marvellous three weeks when students in years 7, 8 and 9 set their own reading challenges with teacher support, they then set about achieving those challenges and collecting sponsorship money where possible. In school during this time we had a ‘get spotted reading’. Students who were ‘spotted reading’ by staff were given a raffle ticket and entered in to a prize draw. It was a lot of fun and we had hundreds of tickets put in to the draw. Our lucky winners received reading vouchers and Easter Eggs.

We also take part annually in our own celebration for World Book Night  held on 23rd April each year. Staff, students, family and friends are invited to join in our celebration, reading short extracts from books and poetry. It is always a very enjoyable and social evening with refreshments.

Previously we held an amazing  Manga Workshop for students in the library with Sonia Leong, a local Manga expert and we lucky to have the famous author of the TimeRiders series – Alex Scarrow  who came to visit students in school.