Year 8

In Year 8 students study a variety of musical styles whilst also being introduced to various musical concepts and instrumental techniques.  Many of these build on musical knowledge and skill from Year 7 and are again re-visited in greater depth and/or with increased difficulty in later topics and future years.

Please use the drop down menus in the Year 8 tab (above) to view more detailed information on the units listed below.

Autumn Term

Aut a – Escaping the Vernacular
Aut b – Blues Music

Spring Term

Spr a – Samba
Spr b – Reggae

Summer Term

Sum a – Steel Pans
Sum b – Music and the Media

NB. Please note that the order of topics maybe slightly different according to which teacher your child has and which teaching room they are in that half term.  Also, if a number of lessons are missed due to other whole school activities a topic may last for a little longer than half a term to ensure completion and a successful musical outcome.

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