Music Technology

Year 9 students are now able to opt to study Music Technology as part of the options offered to them in the Design and Technology Department.

(Year 9 students are able to specialise in 2 out of a possible 5 options, as opposed to following the full rotation of all the DT disciplines as in Years 7 & 8, Music Technology is now also one of these options).

If students opt to study Music Technology in Year 9, they will have their lessons in a newly refurbished Music Technology room in the Music Department.  In these lessons they will cover how to:

  • Set up and operate audio/MIDI sequencing software
  • Use MIDI to realise a pre-existing musical track
  • Record audio into the sequencing software
  • Use MIDI and Audio to compose, create and record a track

We hope that students maybe offered the opportunity to complete an NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Music Technology the following year by completing an extra 2 modules on:

  • Dance Music Production
  • Sound effects for a music or sound production

NB. Music Technology now provides many job opportunities and is offered as an A-Level at local Sixth-Form Colleges.


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