KS3 assessment

Assessment in Music is formative throughout each unit .  However ,at the end of each unit students will have a summative assessment (please see individual unit pages for Years 7 – 9).  Almost 100% of the time, on a performance or a compositional piece that will be performed as part of a whole class or smaller group depending on the topic and task set.  Students’ levels are updated on a termly basis so 3 out of 6 levels will be put forward, usually the mark from the first unit of each term e.g. Aut a, Spr a and Sum a.

N.B. Each unit and it’s page is organised according to the time of year in which it will be taught and which of the two half terms in that block it will be taught in e.g. Aut a equates to the first half term in Autumn.

N.B. Also, as mentioned at the bottom of some unit pages the topic taught, and hence being assessed, will differ according to the class teacher your child has and the classroom they are teaching in at that time (as each of our music classrooms are equipped with different resources).  So, for example if one teacher is teaching Escape the Vernacular to their Year 8 groups first, the other teacher will need to teach Blues to their Year 8 group before swapping over in the following half term.


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