The days and times of extra-curricular music activities on offer for 2015 – 2016 are listed below.

Watch this space for String and Ceilidh groups, they will be on again this year on a rolling programme for parts of the year.


5a Lunchtime:  Samba (Years 7, 10 & 11) (Week 2 only)

5b Lunchtime: Ukulele Group (Years 8 & 9)

After School: Jazz Band (All Years)


5a Lunchtime:  Year 7 Choir

5b Lunchtime:  Samba (Years 8 & 9)(Week 1 only)


5a Lunchtime:  GCSE Help Session (Years 10 & 11) (Week 2 only)

5b Lunchtime: Recorder Group (Years 8 & 9)

After School (5:00 – 6:00):  Cantiamo! Choir (Year 9 – Sixth Form)


Break time: Theory lessons (1o:30 – 1:00 TBC) (There is a small charge for these)

5a Lunchtime:  Ukulele Group (Years 7, 10 & 11) & GCSE Help Sessions (Years 10 & 11) (Week 1 only)

After School:  Orchestra (potentially a trial day for now) (All Years)


5a Lunchtime: GCSE Help Session (Years 10 & 11) (Week 1 only)

After School:  Chesterton Singers Choir (Years 8 – 11)

NB. Unfortunately, with so many fantastic clubs and twilight subjects on offer every day across the school for various year groups, clashes between clubs become unavoidable.  However please be assured, much time is spent trying to find a best-fit.  However, if there is a club you would have liked to have joined do let us know anyway or if there is a group not on the list that you would be interested in.



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