Spr a – Steel Pans

In this unit students will be introduced to steel pans.   Students will appreciate and understand something of the background and history of Steel Pan playing and their construction.  They will also learn about their layout and the technique for playing them.  Students aim towards a whole class performance of a beginner piece at the end of the unit.  Students will take different roles within the ensemble i.e. the melody line, the chordal accompaniment or the bass line, these differ in difficulty level and will be assigned accordingly. 

This unit also introduces musical terminology such as: chord, triad, primary chords, bass line, melody, accompaniment,



By the end of this unit it is expected that all students will be able to perform chords C, F and G.

Most students will be able to perform chords C, F and G in addition to moving fluently from note to note when playing the melody.

Some learners will have progressed further and will be able to perform a syncopated bass line on their own, helping to lead the rest of the ensemble.  Work out elements of the piece using aural skills.

How to help your child:

To support your child’s study you could encourage them to further research the history of the steel pan and listen to other steel pan performances on the internet.  Students can also practice stick and rolling technique at home using pencils and using a cushion as a mat to ‘roll’ on.

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