Year 7 & 8

Students cover ten topics in years 7 and 8 respectively. All students have two science teachers who teach different topics over the same time period. There are five deadlines for students to complete end of topic tests. Students will then review and act upon teacher feedback from these assessments by the following dates:

23rd October 2015

18th December 2015

3rd March 2016

20th May 2016

22nd July 2016

Year 7 Topics 2015-2016:

Biology Chemistry Physics
Cells Atomic Structure Energy
Reproduction Chemical Reactions Forces
Variation & Inheritance Properties of Matter Electricity


Year 8 Topics 2015-2016:

Biology Chemistry Physics
Food & Digestion Atomic Structure Robotics & Forensics*
Microbes & Disease Rates of Reaction Space
Plants Structure & Bonding Light & Sound
Energy Changes


*In year 8 students are taught robotics and forensics (a combination of physics and chemistry) as an enrichment unit. It is not part of the national curriculum and students do not have an end of topic test for this unit.