Year 8

Students use the Listos 1 textbook.

Autumn Term

Listos 1, Module 1

Unit 1 Saying your name, greeting someone, asking how they are

Unit 2 Saying what you have or haven’t got in your school bag

Unit 3 Asking other people’s ages and giving your own

Unit 4 Talking about dates and when your birthday

Unit 5 The Spanish alphabet and how to spell your names

Unit 6 Naming things in the classroom and useful phrases to use in the class room

Listos 1, Module 2

Unit 1 Naming some countries and saying your nationality and where you are from

Unit 2 Saying where you live and what language you speak

Unit 3 Talking about your family

Unit 4 Talking about pets

Unit 5 Describing eyes and hair and size

Unit 6 Describing what you and others are like; characters

Spring Term

Listos 1, Module 3

Unit 1 Talking about school subjects and expressing likes and dislikes

Unit 2 Giving opinions about school subjects

Unit 3 Telling the time and talking about your school timetable

Unit 4 Talking about meal times

Unit 5 Describing your school

Unit 6 Saying how you get to school

Listos 1, Module 4

Unit 1 Talking about your home and saying where it is

Unit 2 Describing your house

Unit 3 Describing the rooms in your house

Unit 4 Describing your bedroom

Unit 5 Talking about your daily routine

Unit 6 Talking about what you do after school

Summer Term

Listos 1, Module 5

Unit 1 Places in town and saying where you are going

Unit 2 Giving and understanding directions

Unit 3 Describing location of places in town and giving more detailed directions

Unit 4 Talking about what your town is like

Unit 5 Talking about the weather

Listos 1, Module 6

Unit 1 Talking about sports

Unit 2 Saying what you like doing in your free time

Unit 3 Talking about what you do during the week and at the weekends

Unit 4 Saying what you are going to do at the weekend

Unit 5 Saying how you help at home and how you are going to help at the weekend

Unit 6 Arranging to go out