Key Stage 4

Students are prepared for the AQA Spanish GCSE Specification Code 4695.

Year 10 Autumn Term

Countries and places
When and for how long
Who with
How (transport)
Holiday activities
Normal and favourite holidays
Past holidays
Complaints about the holidays
Future holiday plans and what you would like to do
Grammar work on past, present, future and conditional tenses

Year 10 Spring Term

Controlled assessment in writing
Education and work
Describing your school
Discussing your timetable
Comparing subjects
Describing teachers
Describing a typical school day
Describing a recent day at school
Discussing the pros and cons of school uniform
Talking about school rules
Describing your ideal school
Saying what you would change
Future education plans

Year 10 Summer Term

Grammar work on past, present, future and conditional tenses
Revision activities
Controlled assessment in speaking
Home and town
Talking about your home
Describing your town
Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of where you live
Talking about your future home

Year 11 Autumn Term

My Life
Introducing yourself
Saying what sort of person you are
Giving your opinion on household chores
Saying what you did last night
Saying what sport or activity you would like to try out and why
Talking about your daily routine
Discussing your eating habits
Discussing your thoughts on smoking and alcohol
Describing an ideal day
Revision activities
Controlled assessment in speaking

Healthy Lifestyle
Talking about body and illnesses
Talking about buying food, numbers, prices

Year 11 Spring Term

Film and cinema
Talking about and comparing film genres
Describing a film
Describing a recent visit to the cinema
Describing a favourite actor
Comparing cinema with new media
Grammar work on past, present, future and conditional tenses
Controlled assessment in writing

Friends and family
Talking about your family
Discussing how you get on with family and friends

Year 11 Summer Term

Discussing environmental problems and possible solutions
Discussing how we can all help the environment
ast papers and revision

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