Year 9

Year 9 students follow the course Listos 2 rojo.

Autumn term

Listos 2 rojo Module 1

Unit 1 – Talking about yourself and other people. making comparisons

Unit 2 – Talking about free time and your routine

Unit 3 – Introducing your family

Unit 4- Asking and saying what you need

Unit 5 – Buying gifts and describing someone’s personality

Unit 6 – Writing a Thank you letter

Assessment: End of module 1 test

Your child has a workbook Listos 2 rojo, cuaderno B and a vocabulary booklet for Listos 2 rojo. Vocabulary for module 1 and pages 3-12 in the workbook will help your child to revise for the the end of unit test in listening, reading and writing which will take place in the first week after half-term.

Listos 2 rojo Module 2

Unit 1 -Talking about food and mealtimes

Unit 2 – Saying what type of food you like and why

Unit 3 – Buying fruit and vegetables

Unit 4 – Buying food and drink in a shop

Unit 5 – Talking about healthy eating

Unit 6 – Christmas and New year in Spain

Assessment: End of module 2 test

Vocabulary of Module 2 in vocab booklet and pages 13 -23 in the workbook Listos 2 rojo will help your child to revise for the end of module test in reading and speaking. The test will take place at the end of the Autumn term or during the first week after the Christmas holidays.


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